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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality


My work as a therapist is shaped by my training and experience in cognitive-behavioral and narrative psychologies, along with traditional Afro-Caribbean/Yoruba spirituality and psychology. Some of the communities I work with include LGBTQ+ individuals, mestiza/mixed-race folks, single parents and blended families, children and adults with chronic illnesses, and people who are struggling with family violence. I also have a particular interest in preventing and stopping generational cycles of family violence and helping couples and families create a peaceful environment of nurturing care and support. I also have a rich history of community building and organizing, and I bring this into my practice as a therapist by helping the people I work with to build/connect with a community of support.

I prefer asking questions to giving advice, therapy is most effective as a collaborative process. My expertise is in curiosity, connecting emotional/psychological and spiritual health, and practices that reignite people’s hope and encourage growth and insight. The people I work with bring their expertise in their lives, what they value, what they have come to know, and the cultural context that they live in. Our combined expertise is a powerful force in helping hopes and dreams become reality.

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